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East West Academy Nursery, Primary and High School, 5th Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore – 560010 was founded and inaugurated by our beloved founder Chairman Late. Sri. C M Nagaraj, Former Mayor, BBMP on Sunday, the 9th of March 2008. And now it has been functioning under the guidance of dynamic personality Smt. Chitrakala Nagaraj, the Chairperson and young learned personalities Mr. C N Shashikiran, Secretary and Mrs. Mamatha Shashikiran, Joint Secretary.

EWA did provide and will provide the most modern facilities in imparting quality education to the students. Keeping in mind the changing times and technology driven world, we have blended tradition and modernity in the best proportion at EWA.We believe in an integrated curriculum and lay stress on the holistic development of every child who is admitted in EWA.True to the name of the school, East West we believe that we have done it magically in myriad ways. It is our mission to impart quality education in a Disciplined, Determined, Dedicated way.

The school has excellent and separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Students conduct experiments to learn the concepts under the guidance of their respective teachers. Equipped with the most modern laboratory apparatus practical experiments are conducted alongside the concepts taught in theory classes. We believe in providing a sound base to our students so that they develop a lifelong interest in the subject.

As the country is heading towards a digital era. We also have taken humble steps in the line by providing digital class room facility in the school. We believe that digital/ visual learning can enhance the learning process. We take every opportunity to home their learning skills and capabilities.

We believe in holistic education and dance is a way of expressing oneself.It provides ample opportunities to showcase one’s talent. We have a cozy and swankydance room wherein children are trained by a choreographer. At East West Academy children not just learn dance but they breathe and live by it and that is not on exaggeration. They all enjoy the western dance sessions and learn the nuances of the art.

The play area has an array of toys and rides for the children to enjoy their time in school. This is the place where they learn the basics of sharing & playing. The play area is paved with fluffy tiles. Keeping in mind the tenderness of our children.

We believe that art is the best way to shape one’s personality. We have a spacious art room wherein children do various chart work under the guidance of art teacher. All the decorative materials are collected and stored here for timely use. Fabulous pieces of art work created in this room are all trendy, contemporary and some are captivating. It is every art’s dream paradise.

Fitness and exercise is given due importance and they sweat out the extra calories enjoying football,basketball,kabaddi and other games.Our sport room is adjacent to the art room and is nestled in the 3rd floor of the school with all state of the craft sports equipment. Children are keen to practice games during their PE periods. The school has trained professional to man the department.

We have an excellent roof top basketball court in the school and children enjoy playing the same. Every opportunity is given to the child to bring out his best right from the lower classes.

East west Academy believes in all round development of the child and we have large computer lab sufficient enough to accommodate a wealth of students. We thrust on individual attention and every student is provided with independent terminal.Here learning is far from drudgery and monotony but ever evolving and vibrant to cope up with the new age.

Music is an integral part of our curriculum.At EWA Eastern and Western music is taught diligently by trained professionals. The Expertise of the Trainers is often reflected in the rendition of the students on various occasions and the lilting tones of some wrenching music is one of the happening things in school.


Medium of Instruction - ENGLISH
Being a language of scientific knowledge, we can be benefited from the technological advancement of other countries by reading English. Therefore EWA has been following English as it is very much suitable as the medium of instruction.
Mode of Education - Co-Ed.
Most schools have been co-educational for a long time. There is no reason to educate males & females separately before the age of puberty. Hence EWA has incorporated co-education as the mode of education.
Curriculum - CBSE
The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national level board of education in India for public and private schools, controlled and managed by Union Government of India. CBSE follow NCERT curriculum. There are approximately 24,000 schools in India and 211 schools in 25 foreign countries following the CBSE pattern. And EWA is one among them.

General Info

School Timings
8:45 am - 3:45 pm
Principal Office
080 - 2340 4446

For Admissions Contact

Admission Heads
Mrs. Malamani.G

Pre-Primary School

  • Nursery / Montessori
  • Kindergarten-I (KG-1 / LKG)
  • Kindergarten-II (KG-2 / UKG)
  • (Age Group 3-5 yrs)

Primary School

  • Standard-I
  • Standard-II
  • Standard-III
  • Standard-IV
  • Age Group 6-9 yrs

Middle School

  • Standard-V
  • Standard-VI
  • Standard-VII
  • Age Group 10-13 yrs

High School

  • Standard-VIII
  • Standard-IX
  • Standard-X
  • Age Group 13-16 yrs